One of the youngest Kung Fu branches

Wing Tzun is one of the youngest branches of Kung Fu although it has 300 yeas of history…! The art of Wing Tzun Kung Fu, which continued developing so far narrated only to the family members until Great Grand Master Yip Man. Yip Man was the first to write down The Wing Tzun History, which was only transferred verbally by generations before him.

Miss. Yim Wing Tzun

She was a clever, athletic, honored, virtuous, honest and straightforward young girl. Her mother passed away in a short while after she engaged to Leung Bok Chau who was a salt trader from Fukien. Her father Yim Yee was blamed wrongfully for murder and they had to run away from there because of his sentence. Eventually, they settled at the foot of Tai Leung Mountain between Yunnan and Szechaun and lived their lives selling fresh curd.

Shaolin Monastery Under Attack

According to the legend, Ng Mui was an abbess at the Shaolin Monastery in Sung Mountain in Honan State. During Emperor Khangi Ching’s ruling (1622-1722) martial arts taught at this monastery was very popular therefore the monastery became very strong. This situation scared Manchurians’ Manchu government and caused them sending soldiers to attack against the monastery.

Monastery on fire

After a few failed attempts of attack, Chan Man Wai who was a local government man in charge there and trying to cringe to the government, offered a plan. According to this plan they would seize the monastery by the help of a priest named Ma Ning Ye and his friends who were persuaded to betray the others and burning the monastery while the other soldiers attacking from the outside. They succeeded it. The monastery burned and the priests and students straggled. Ng Mui, Jee Shim, Bak Mei, Fung Do Dak and Miu Hin escaped and went on their own ways.

The Duel

Ng Mui sheltered the White Crane Temple at Tai Leung Mountain (also known as Chaitlar Mountain). She encountered Yim Yee and her daughter Wing Tzun from whom she used to buy curd cheese on the way home from the market place. Beauty of Wing Tzun who was fifteen years old, whose hair was gathered together showing she’s at the age of marriage according to the traditions of those days attracted the hector of that location. He started pushing her to marry him and his endless threats annoyed her and her family. Ng Mui became sorry and pitied on her when she heard about it. She decided to teach her fighting techniques so that she could protect herself. Yim Wing Tzun followed Ng Mui going to the mountains and started learning Kung Fu. She practiced day and night to excel the techniques and concepts.

Later on, Yim Wing Tzun who challenged the hector invited him for a duel and beat him. Then Ng Mui went to a nationwide trip but told her to fully honor the techniques, continue developing her Kung Fu after marriage and help people struggling to overthrow Manchu government to re-establish Ming Dynasty.

Chin Shin & Pole Techniques

Wing Tzun taught the Kung Fu to her husband Leung Bok Chau after marriage. He narrated these techniques to Leung Lan Kwai successively. Then he (Leung Lan Kwai) narrated them to Wong Wah Bo. Wong Wah Bo was a member of an opera community known as Red Opium having opium patterns on. Wong worked with Leung Yee Tei at Red Opium. Meanwhile, he encountered Abbot Chi Shin working as a cook at Red Opium who disguised himself after escaping from Shaolin. Chi Shin taught Leung Yee Tei long pole techniques. Wong Wah was close to Leung Yee Tei, they were friends and shared what they learned about Kung Fu. They both shared and developed each other and progressed. Thus, long pole techniques were concatenated to Wing Tzun Kung Fu. Leung Jan perceived the deep secrets of Wing Tzun reaching the highest point of mastership. Various Kung Fu masters challenged him but all experienced defeat and Leung Jan became very famous. Later on he narrated his Kung Fu to Shan Wah who embraced me, my Kung Fu elder siblings including Ng Siu Lo, Ng Chung So, Chan Yu Min and Lui Yu Jai decades ago. Because of this Wing Tzun system, could be mentioned to be directly narrated to us since its origins.

I am writing this story of Wing Tzun system to the respectable dear memories of my old masters. I will be appreciating them forever for the traits they taught me. A person must think the source of the water every time when drinking it. This is exactly the emotion of sharing keeping us together. Isn’t it the way reflecting our country’s light and introducing Kung Fu?

Written by Late Great Grand Master Yip Man