EBMAS Wing Tzun system embraces a realistic education method. All the students at EBMAS schools are trained to be ready against the attacks and real cases in the real world we have.

Being ready for a real attack

Wing Tzun Self-Defense students, have the opportunity to carefully examine factors like fear, complexity and adrenaline that reveal at the moment of struggle which are animated by our trainers under secured conditions practiced using protective gears…! Cases like the attacker coming from a different martial art background and having a weapon for example… The attack occurring indoor, in a narrow place and by multiple attackers when simulated convenient for students’ level and condition, help students to know themselves realistically whether they could apply what they learned under stress and pressure seeing their limits and missing points and concentrate on compensating them by exercises recommended by their instructors.

Thus, EBMAS students come to a level to be able to apply Wing Tzun techniques effectively
 against any type of attacks they learn in forms of theories, exercises and practices at the lessons.

These realistic practices give self-confidence to EBMAS students who can defend themselves accurately and effectively in many cases.