Contemporary, Minded & Realistic Training

Wing Tzun Kung Fu having 300 years, has been modernized to be compatible with rapidly increasing, changing and varying needs for personal defense. At EBMAS classes, all elements like class atmosphere and layout, duration, exercises, dresses were designed aiming the students embrace them rapidly and focus on practicing the techniques. Thus a student of EBMAS could concentrate his/her attention on defending himself/herself and develop quickly.

Classes get underway at contemporary, lit, comfortable and clean gyms and aim the student get the maximum of it. Students will learn techniques, theories and applications well balanced considering the parameters like student conditions, physiques, training styles and etc. by our experienced trainers.

EBMAS Wing Tzun has been designed to teach people to use their bodies the most practically, fastest and the most reliably at the moment of combat. The goal is to reach the target as soon as possible.

A student regularly attending classes and working out hard can begin defending himself/herself effectively within a short period of 1 to 2 years.