Self Defense is the most important need for all of us.

Students, parents, doctors and people with different professions must take the required realistic trainings to higher their chances of survival when the trouble knocks their doors.

To be able to protect ourselves, our properties and our loved ones we have to train hard to build the correct muscle memory in order to be able to initiate when it’s needed.

When the time comes, you will just have split of a second to react and to do the right thing..!

Our EBMAS Wing Tzun & LATOSA Escrima courses are designed to train the students gain basic and advanced Self Defense skills in the quickest and safest ways possible. Although both are complete martial arts that cover all aspects of fighting meaning self defense in all distances of a fight against single or multiple attackers, against weapons or using weapons; EBMAS Wing Tzun concentrated mostly without weapons and LATOSA Escrima with weapons.

No matter the attacker is armed or if you have something that could be used as a weapon; all of the questions and scenario type or reflex type situations are trained and answered at our courses.

The classes for kids are thought to be fit for our very young students by understanding child psychology to be able to serve the youngsters as effective as possible, while being real and keeping it fun too.

Our classes at ASLAN MARTIAL ARTS are designed by knowing the dangerous situations women may face while they are on their way going home or any case that they may be a victim of abuse..!

Let’s not forget about fitness, core training, muscle training, strength and cardio which are covered in all of our courses and with a correct diet; you can have a much healthier, fitter, active and happier life overall 🙂

All of our classes at ASLAN MARTIAL ARTS are open to trial free of charge for our newcomers to make sure that they are making the correct choices..!

See you in the class 😉