F = M.A

Power is driven by the foundation of balance, dictated by the distance and the speed of the attack or the offensive movement.

We can relate controlling power or balancing power with other concepts using the bicycle metaphor again:

When an unexpected braking is applied only to the front of the bike’s wheel, there is a chance the rear wheel of the bike could easily become the front of the bike…! This is the idea of controlling power or balancing power in relationship with the rest of the concepts. If there is too much brake on the rear and not any pressure on the front, this may not be enough to stop the bike. All these tasks have to be balanced or it becomes unsafe to ride a bike for both rider and everyone else that occupies the road.

To explain power again with a time of an attack we can say:

Only in short distances we need to apply extra power.

Again as in speed, power can be effective only when body is moved as a whole.

Explosiveness and aggressiveness are sub-concepts of power.

Doing regular training exercises and using various weapons develop muscle memories and body moves faster and stronger without thinking.

Mental speed.

Forward pressure.