Perceiving the attack as a whole

Your focus is expanded to look at the person as a whole rather then just focusing on the coming attack. In other words if you look too much at one hand, you may never see the other hand. So Escrima Self-Defense aims at developing focus skills and perceiving the time of an attack as a whole.

Perceiving multiple aspects of an attack at the same time

If we explain focus concept with bicycle example again, the rider must be able to balance their focus to make sure they don’t ride into a ditch or a tree and also looking ahead at the cars on the road, people walking, plus being aware of what is coming up from behind.

In the time of an attack, we can apply focus with these examples:

Focusing on your opponent as a whole.

Targeting the weak points of your opponent.

Mental focus, determining the techniques to apply against the opponent according to size, age and power.

Determining the weapons according opponent’s size, age and power.

Creating your own field of impact

Focusing on the fight, despite the blows that your opponent impacts on you.

Additional Concepts

Using the vacant hand (alive hand).

Using the energy in a single direction.

Training everyday to become more powerful, fast and effective.

Training for real-world situations.