A key to unlock all concepts

Balance is the foundation of Escrima Self-Defense System as well as most tasks we perform throughout our lives. Knowing how to obtain it and when you get off balanced, how to get it back. Balance is a key that opens the other concepts necessary in the martial arts. Balance is truly multi-dimensional.

Think of balance in terms of learning how to ride a bike. There is more then just getting on, peddling and keeping the bike upright. The bike has two wheels, and the main objective is to keep it going forward by balancing the front wheels against the back wheels while moving forward. If there is too much weight to the left or to the right, the bike will trip over.

In the time of an attack, we can apply balance with these examples:

Balancing out the information that is learned, concepts and sub concepts.

Focusing balance to a single point.

Preserving balance during a movement (There is not much time to regain balance that is lost during movement).

Preserving a mental balance, controlling negative thoughts (especially fear), combining adrenaline with speed and using it for your own benefit.

Distracting your opponent’s mental and physical balance and slowing him/her down.

By feeling your muscle’s balance, avoiding injuries.

Using speed and power in a balanced way.