EBMAS is one of the largest martial arts organizations in the world which:

Wing Tzun Kung Fu: The most effective form of self defense & LATOSA Escrima: Realistic combat with weapons are thought to thousands of students in 60 active countries.

These 2 realistic systems are also U.S. & German PoliceFBIMarine Corps and other special teams such as SWAT’s favorite choices.

Sifu Emir R. FuruhendeEBMAS UAE Chief Instructor (January 1st 2010 ~ April 30th 2019) which is the Middle East Branch of EBMAS International (check EBMAS Turkey). He is also ASLAN MARTIAL ARTS Managing Director and is the first person who brought EBMAS to UAE.

EBMAS UAE conducts Group, Semi-Private & Private Classes on Self Defense, Wing Tzun & Escrima for its students, different groups and teams.

It also organizes Seminars & Grading Events to keep the members’ skills at high standards, which will result reaching even a greater status.

The first try-out group lesson is free of charge and every student will receive 1 complimentary private lesson when he/she purchases a package of 10 private lessons for the first time from Sifu Emir.

In EBMAS UAE our priority is giving our students the best instruction with reasonable prices